We are Vancouver.¬†Engineers, designers, managers, interns, leaders, learners, artists and collaborators. We are part of BC’s growing tech ecosystem, supporting development and bringing the community together. Every day is an adventure.

Inspiration is all around.

We’ve been called Manhattan with mountains, the city of glass, and yes, the wet coast. We’ve got forests and waterfronts and a whole whack of hiking trails in between, but we’re also Canada’s fastest growing start-up ecosystem and one of the world’s most liveable cities. Our surroundings motivate us to explore. To innovate. To create. The ramen is pretty great too.


Those who can, make.

Small-scale projects can have big impact, which is why we have a full maker lab right inside our space. The Garage is where our teams innovate, our community partners experiment and students from elementary to post-secondary explore.

The work we're doing.

Microsoft Vancouver is home to teams working on Notes, MSN, Gears of War, Skype and mixed reality applications, both for desktop and HoloLens.