The Garage Internship Program

The Garage Internship program invites University students studying computer science, design & human computer interaction, and related fields to Microsoft Vancouver for an internship like no other. This intensive program centers on building apps for Microsoft’s newest and most exciting platforms and devices. Interested?





The Garage is a community of interns, employees, and teams from across the company who come together to turn their passion into projects. It’s also the official outlet for experimental projects from Microsoft. We use this outlet to get our intern created apps in the hands of customers for fast feedback and continuous improvement.


It’s like boot camp. But friendlier. And geekier. Interns are armed with the latest tools and tactics needed to define, design and develop apps for Microsoft’s latest mobile, wearable and cloud platforms.


It takes a village to raise an app. At the Garage, diverse interns team with Microsoft’s professional engineers, designers, program managers and each other to bring an app to life.


Interns are empowered to work together to bring ideas to life by brainstorming, debating, designing, coding, eating lots of pizza, debugging, optimizing and ultimately shipping their apps for the world to use.


After 16 weeks, crossing the finish line with your Garage Team means putting your app out to the world to use. Excitement. Satisfaction. Relief. That’s what it feels like when you “shipped it”!

What do you want to work on?

Microsoft’s worldwide teams and product groups compete with one another to get you to build their idea. To date, interns participating in the Garage program have worked with a variety of internal development teams, such as Bing, Big Park, MSN, Office, Power BI, Microsoft Band, Microsoft Surface, Visual Studio, Windows Phone and Xbox.

We host two cohorts of garage interns per year at Microsoft Vancouver, from January to April and again from May to August. Microsoft is revolutionizing the way people communicate, work, and play. If you are looking for a place to turn your ideas and ambition into innovative products, make it Microsoft.

What We’ve Made

You can find our Vancouver developed products on the Garage Workbench.