In late February, I was in Barcelona with several members of my Vancouver team. It marked the culmination of the work we’ve been doing this year and provided some great validation of the global impact that BC-based companies are having.

Vancouver is becoming a world-class hub for mixed reality and digital innovation. Our province has an impressive track record in 3D development, just one of the reasons why Microsoft chose to build a new team here, one focused on an application for HoloLens that empowers employees to learn by doing.

After a year of hard work, we unveiled Dynamics 365 Guides – a new mixed reality app that enhances learning with step-by-step instructions in real work situations – in Barcelona. Guides empowers employees, improves training effectiveness and uses data to enhance performance. It has been a tremendous experience and I’m honoured to be a member of the Dynamics 365 family.

As exciting as it was to see our app launch halfway around the world, it’s hard to express how proud we were to bring it home to the BC Tech Summit. It marked our first opportunity to connect with the people we meet and partner with every day in this province, providing hands-on demos of Guides.

Alaska Airlines was one of our earliest co-development customers for Guides. They are currently exploring use cases for supporting new airline mechanics with mixed reality training as it has become essential to explore innovative ways of learning to help employees get up to speed faster.It’s with this in mind, that we are bringing an aircraft pylon – the connection piece between the wing and the engine – to this year’s Summit as the center point for our booth. Visitors will be able to experience what a new aircraft mechanic would see as they learn on the job.

BC has an exceptional base of talent, coming from video games, animation and special effects. These individuals are leading much of the work being done in extended realities. They are driving innovation, shaping companies and transforming the way we work.

Edoardo De Martin, General Manager
Microsoft Vancouver